With a whopping 3.04 million apps in Google Play and 85% of market share, Android is indeed an undisputed king in the smartphone world. Android OS is probably one of the best choices for developing a mobile app.

But there have been great changes over the decade in terms of Android app development. To stay ahead in competition, you should stay ahead by looking at the future trends. Hire the best app development company in Australia to stay ahead with following app development trends –

Instant Apps

It is a very popular app development trend. Android Instant Apps allow users to try apps and games without having to install them. This way, users can avoid downloading the app they don’t need and save data. Game developers and eCommerce companies can easily make the most of this technology. They don’t use any space on smartphones and users can easily access these apps without having to download them.

AI and ML

Cloud computing has brought a huge computing power for all organizations by developing AI models which perform various tasks and procedures. AI can boost productivity by around 40%, according to Accenture. You can use AI to automate a lot of tasks, such as language processing, image identification, and data analytics.

Google Assistant/Chatbots

A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are more inclined towards integrating app content and services with Google Assistant. Users can easily access your app directly through Google Assistant. You can integrate links to specific functions in your mobile app. Android Slices allows developers to highlight the most important features in your app to Google Assistant users. Since the user-base of Google Assistant is growing, mobile app integration is the primary goal of developers.

Bottom Line

Consider the above app development trends if you are looking forward to launching your official Android app in 2021.

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