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In today’s competitive world, to make a software that exclusively meets special needs for your business is a necessity for survival. Each company is unique. Therefore, its requirements are somewhat distinct. Many businesses use off-the-shelf software that is built while considering the common requirements of organizations. This off-the-shelf program will help you to a level but can not fulfil all your requirements. 

 Let us look to a fantastic illustration everybody can relate to social networking programs. If a person would like to look for employment, he or she’d visit LinkedIn. If a person wants to share private thoughts with the public, he or she would use Facebook. If someone would love to talk with an individual or a group, he or she would use Whatsapp, too for discussions over the discussion, he or she would use Quora. All these applications provides a superb way to stay in contact with other people, and they each provide unique attributes for different domains. 

 Creating software or a program that meets specific business requirements is a necessity for survival in today’s competitive era. Customized Software Development is the process of conceptualizing, designing, building and deploying software for a particular individual or a group of people within a business or as a third-party arrangement. 

 Custom software is produced to address the demands of specific users and may be considered more powerful than commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS). Since COTS aims a larger set of requirements, it is ideal for a wider audience. Off-the-shelf software is encouraged and marketed in a way that different companies can embed them inside their daily small business applications. Among the greatest examples of Off-the-Shelf options is Microsoft Office, as it could satisfy the generalized requirements of a wider audience at a global level. 

 On the other hand, cases of dependency app development can be discovered in a business setting. By way of instance, student portals for staff and students, e-commerce solutions for the streamlined shopping experience and a lot more. 

Why Custom Software Development? 

First of all, custom made software is built according to your individual requirements. It is scalable and helps you fulfil your business requirements together with the ever-changing tendencies and evolving technologies. 

 In this competitive age, everybody is striving hard to manoeuvre from far better to the best. Here, it might help to address a few concerns and facilitate the business in excelling. Choose the features you desire the most to grow your company instead of paying for each one of the features, some of which may be of least importance to your company requirements. Decide on the outlook of this software in line with the target platforms and consumers. This phase is your foremost priority should you have to build a global application. Amazon and Flipkart may be the best examples for integrating this feature. 

What Is Web Application & Its Advantage?

Web application is a kind of program that is accessed by a web browser. When accessed in a browser on a mobile device, web apps look and act just like mobile apps — but they aren’t the same. A web-based application is any program that uses a website as the interface or front-end. Clients may without much of a stretch access the program from any PC related to the Internet utilizing a standard program. It merits calling attention to this practice any workplace programming can be established as a web-based program. Web applications go through web programs such as Google Chrome. The program runs on a web server, as opposed to on the PC, or nearby server to get habitual programs. 

Advantage of web Application 

1) Low upfront costs:  

Since they aren’t specific to a stage, web apps don’t expect a great deal of time or programmers to build. That means web applications  will be less expensive upfront than other kinds of apps 

2) Customization: 

The web application programmers share it is easy to customize the web-based applications with compare to the desktop application. Changing the look and feel of this web app is facile with internet programs. Smart programmers can formulate highly customized products with fewer attempts through web app development. 

3) No program marketplace: 

Since web apps don’t adhere to standard operating system protocols, they do not need approval from an app store. That means they can be published from the arrangement and at that time the programmers choose. 

4) Safety is a Priority: 

It is a great concern when there is a transformation of highly sensitive data. Web applications are more secure than simple websites since they’re generally deployed on dedicated servers. This makes sure of safety. Experienced server administrators track the web apps and keep them for providing excellent user experience and safety. 

Top 3 Trends for Android App Development to Look Forward in 2021

With a whopping 3.04 million apps in Google Play and 85% of market share, Android is indeed an undisputed king in the smartphone world. Android OS is probably one of the best choices for developing a mobile app.

But there have been great changes over the decade in terms of Android app development. To stay ahead in competition, you should stay ahead by looking at the future trends. Hire the best app development company in Australia to stay ahead with following app development trends –

Instant Apps

It is a very popular app development trend. Android Instant Apps allow users to try apps and games without having to install them. This way, users can avoid downloading the app they don’t need and save data. Game developers and eCommerce companies can easily make the most of this technology. They don’t use any space on smartphones and users can easily access these apps without having to download them.

AI and ML

Cloud computing has brought a huge computing power for all organizations by developing AI models which perform various tasks and procedures. AI can boost productivity by around 40%, according to Accenture. You can use AI to automate a lot of tasks, such as language processing, image identification, and data analytics.

Google Assistant/Chatbots

A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs are more inclined towards integrating app content and services with Google Assistant. Users can easily access your app directly through Google Assistant. You can integrate links to specific functions in your mobile app. Android Slices allows developers to highlight the most important features in your app to Google Assistant users. Since the user-base of Google Assistant is growing, mobile app integration is the primary goal of developers.

Bottom Line

Consider the above app development trends if you are looking forward to launching your official Android app in 2021.

How Health Workers can protect themselves with IoT amid COVID-19?

Healthcare workers are the first who get exposed to risk of infection and challenges that come with any pandemic as they are always at the front to fight against any outbreak. Healthcare workers are working round-the-clock to protect people and communities from the spread of infection as frontline warriors. Ultimately, they are humans and they are also vulnerable to COVID-19 virus due to the environment they work in.

This way, IoT has come as a great tool to protect those who protect us. According to the WHO Director-General, around 10% of frontline workers are being infected by Coronavirus. IoT helps optimize the working processes of both service providers and doctors in the following ways –

Telemedicine and Remote Tracking

AI and IoT can work together in medical facilities to help medical teams analyze their patients well. Telemedicine is one of the best examples of remote monitoring of patients. These days, patients can upload their prescription, their reports, and other data and get details from healthcare professionals remotely with video calls and other facilities.

Remote monitoring helps hospitals to protect the team and keep track of Corona patients in their wards. It reduces the risk of exposure to infection and improves the quality of care.


The IoT service provider in Qatar can provide various solutions to analyze huge data to optimize the work performance of healthcare workers. These devices create a lot of measures to keep track of progress of a patient’s health. Ultimately, it saves time for doctors in contacting the patient directly. They also get more precise diagnosis as a lot of information can be stored in the cloud about a patient’s health.

Live Monitoring

IoT-based hygiene monitoring solutions in hospitals can keep patients from the spread of infection. Health workers can work in emergencies without using their hands with the help of wearable MR, AR, and IoT technologies. First responders and emergency staff can get important data with command centers and emergency rooms.